Bad News, Good News, No News

Bad News:

I received a 39-day rejection from The Pedestal Magazine for my story “Smiles Beneath.”

Good News:
After resubmitting that same story to Withersin Magazine, a mere 3 hours later I received a hold notice from the editor, which stated that she liked the story and has put it in the “short list.” I’ll know more in a month or two.

No News:

Added wordage to the novel. Up to 20,000 words or so. Keeping at it.

6 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News, No News”

  1. Anita Marie Moscoso

    Voodoo Dolls: and Underutilized writer’s tool.

    Coming soon at a store near you.


  2. Thanks, Andrea. My fingers are crossed.

    What is it with you and these voodoo dolls? Somthing tells me you know how to use voodoo dolls in a serious, working manner.

    Actually, if that is the case, would you mind teaching me?

  3. Sorry about the reject, but keep working on the novel. That’s where recognition and the money are.

  4. Three hours! That sounds promising to me, as if your story made a very good first impression. I’ve never heard of a response as fast as that. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Thanks, Paul. I agree with you on that one.

    Thanks, Brother. Yeah, i thought it sounded promising too. I’m trying not to get excited though. It’s still along way to go.

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