Become a Patreon Member Today!

After an intense internal debate, I have finally launched a Patreon Page!

With my new novel coming out on October 18th, a new writing gig at the 80sXchange, and extra time for writing after losing my summer classes this year (yeah, that happened), now felt like the perfect time to launch.

You know those commercials where they say, “For the cost of only one cup of coffee a day?” Well, you can support my writing for as low as the cost of one third of a cup of coffee per month: $1.

Become a Patreon Member

You heard right. The lowest priced tier, getting you full digital access, is a measly buck a month. That’ll get you access to all private Patreon posts, my Discord server, live-streamed writing sessions, early access articles, first dibs on sales, and more! There are also unlockable rewards like movie nights, member exclusive shirts, chapbooks, and more.

If you increase your monthly membership, you gain access to physical rewards like signed bookplates, welcome letters, stickers, a quarterly physical letter, and your name on future novel acknowledgement pages!

Click image to see full benefits, sample posts, unlockable features, and more!

I’m aware that there is sometimes a stigma connected to Patreon, as if it’s some kind of digital panhandling, but I assure you that I am doing my level best to provide satisfying rewards across all tiers.

In addition, I can promise that the closer we get to the release of Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions this autumn, the more enticing this membership will become, as I plan Patreon exclusive giveaways, freebies with proof of purchase, and discounts for CCA shop sales.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey. I’ll see you in the Candy Corn Apocalypse Discord!