Big Pimpin’: KV Taylor’s SCRIPPED

Hey, Katey.  Come here for a second.  Yeah, over here in the corner where no one else can listen in.  No offense or anything, but you’re not doing nearly enough pimping of your new novel.  I know, I know.  It feels weird to post and tweet too much about it.  You don’t want to come off as a spammer, and I totally get that.  You have a following that doesn’t want to be bombarded by advertising.  Still, you have this killer offer on the table, and I’d hate to see people miss out.  So if you don’t mind, may I?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and creatures of an undetermined origin, have I got news for you!  The one and only, often imitated but never replicated, KV Taylor has a brand spanking new novel available for preorder.  But Tony, you ask.  What is this new novel about?

What a great question!  I can see you’re a reader of discriminating taste.  The normal, run-of-the-mill fare won’t do for you.  You need something new, something different, something special.  In that case, I have only three words for you:  Faeries in Appalachia.


As if you needed more convincing, Katey is giving away free physical *and* ebook copies of her chapbook, Tales From Liberty Tree.  AND they are signed and numbered.  AND AND she’s holding a contest for even more loot.

Need I say more?  Get gone, and preorder your copy today.

Annnnnd pimped.  That’s how I do.


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  1. Faeries in Appalachia.


    That is the best sales pitch EVER.

    Thank you so much. Like a million times, thank you <3

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