“Inside the Walls of East Lombard Street” Accepted

Happy Cinco de Mayo, wonderful peoples of the interwebs.

Like most holidays, one of the only reasons I bother celebrating anymore is the food.  After long years of contemplation, I’ve realized that beyond the religious or political reasons for holidays, my emerging family traditions all revolve around the food and spending quality time together (which, by the way, is only one of the many reasons cooking together is a great idea).

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorites because it’s one of the few holidays we don’t default to Italian food.  Keeping with my personal philosophy, I like to stay true to Mexican cuisine and cook traditional food (in other words, *not* Tex Mex).  Some of my favorites are carnitas, homemade tortillas (which are not only easy to make, but 100 times better than store bought), fresh pico de gallo, guacamole,  and Mole verde.

What do you make for Cinco de Mayo?

***Transition goes here.*** (Boy, wouldn’t my students love to use this little nugget of laziness).

My short story “Inside the Walls of East Lombard Street” has been accepted for publication in a great little magazine that I’ve been trying to break into for a while now.  I’m not going to announce the name of the magazine yet, but I will say that the story is slated to be published by May 31st, and will be available free on the magazine website.

I also have an interview available to read now.  Once you get to the page, scroll down about halfway to find my interview.

Have a great day, and eat well.

11 thoughts on ““Inside the Walls of East Lombard Street” Accepted”

  1. Mmm! Delish! I’m part Mexican so all of that sounds good to me. And I wholeheartedly agree about the tortillas! My fave has to be my Mom’s enchiladas. ~drooling~

    Congrats on the story acceptance!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Oh, I love enchiladas too. They take a bit more work to construct though. That’s why I never make tamales, even though I love them.

  2. What don’t you cook? Seriously, I’m on the lame end here (needs cooking lessons). I’m not a bad cook, still I don’t wander outside my comfort zone the way you do. I think it’s awesome your family cooks together. Add some salsa and mariachi music and you have an absolutely fun day ahead.

    Still smiling big over your news! Big things are coming your way. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I like Cinco de Mayo but never really acquired a taste for a lot of Mexican food. Just not something my family ate much of.

    Congrats on your story acceptance!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Mexican food isn’t for everyone. Something tells me you may only be familiar with tex-mex. i bet if you had some real Mexican, you’d love it. 😉

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