I Don’t Remember Selling My Soul

But I must have.  It’s the only way I can explain two story acceptances in as many days.

Yesterday, mere hours after announcing my latest acceptance, I received another one for my story “Fixing a Hole.”  Great news, right?  Well, yes, except for that nagging suspicion that I’m hell bound. I don’t remember signing anything suspicious, but I do a lot of stuff I can’t remember later.

I’ll tell you this much, if I *did* sell my soul, I better have a multimillion dollar book deal coming my way.

15 thoughts on “I Don’t Remember Selling My Soul”

  1. Wicked Awesome news!! Strange, I do recall telling you that you were on your way. *checks hands* Nah, no magical touch there (winks). Couldn’t be happier for you Tony. Persistance pays off.(Huge hugs) Indigo

      1. I’ve had a few mothers (more than I care to mention) tell me I was the devil in disguise, but nah, you were already well on your way before I entered the scene *Wicked grin*.

  2. Well, congrat! I’m happy for you. But doing stuff then not remembering later. . . what are you smoking? Or do you just suffer from my affliction – having a great memory that doesn’t last very long. You know, like a sieve holds water. 😛

  3. Hey, that’s magnificent news! 🙂 Perhaps that contract you signed in your blood is finally paying off… *whispers: “Don’t worry, eventually we all sell something we don’t know about”* 😛 lol

  4. Oh my goodness, congratulations! Celebrate! Souls are fairly easy to replace, anyway. I just go out and snag a few new ones every other week or so. Vegas is good for that.

    Rah rah team Tony! 😀

  5. There better be a movie deal in it, too. And a tour of Asia. (Congrats!)

    Have I mentioned I like your blog design? It’s creepy. Also, I wrote a horror story for Friday flash. *sings* You’re going to like it, you’re going to like it 😀

  6. Well Done! Nothing like having your work accepted to give you an ego boost. 😀

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