Creepy Freebies and October 1st Halloween Movie Marathon Madness

CreepyFreebies - badgeHappy October!

Oh yes.  After nearly two months of anticipation, the big month has finally arrived.  We’ve celebrated every celebrate-able moment of the season: the harvest moon, the autumnal equinox, the first day we spotted a leaf changing color, the first day we spotted Halloween items in a store…  Of course we have to celebrate the first day of October!  It’s only right.

Dinosaur Dracula has a great tradition of creating a Halloween Mood Table, but I’ve already decorated.  Instead, I thought I would continue listing more movies for the ongoing Halloween Movie Marathon.  For those not following along, I have many other posts with a ton of suggestions for your own marathons:  Halloween Movie Marathon Category List

Since my last post, I’ve watched a few more good ones that you can add to your list.  They are as follows (Note:  at the time of this writing, all of these are available on Netflix instant except Cold Prey):

Cold Prey:  This Norwegian horror flick was well done, if not a bit underwhelming.  It’s your standard “serial killer stalksCold Prey group of teenagers” style movie, though lacking in the variety and creativity of kills.

Antiviral:  While not a traditional horror movie, this one has some creepy moments and a great visual aesthetic.  The events take place in a dystopian future, where people–to be “closer” to celebrities–inject themselves with diseases harvested from said famous people.  This one is worth a watch.

Night Watch:  This Russian film from 2004 is labeled as a “fantasy thriller,” which I agree with, though it does involve vampires.  I enjoyed this one.  It can be frenetic at times, using quick-cuts a little too often, but it also has style.  There’s a sequel to this called Day Watch which I plan to devour soon.

The CorridorThe Corridor: I had trouble with this indie horror film.  It was interesting, but I felt the obscure ending and poor CGI hindered it.  The IMDB synopsis in a single sentence (Friends on a weekend excursion take a path into a forest that leads to death and destruction), and that about sums it up.  There’s a lot of good in the movie, but if you watch it, prepare to have a few lingering questions.

I also started watching the TV show Haven, which is (from what I’ve seen, very loosely) based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid.  From the first two episodes, I can see this show becoming too silly for me to continue watching.  It’s not horrific enough to be horror, and reminds me more of a Syfy show (is it?).

I hope this list gets you through the first day of October.  Keep checking back for more marathoning suggestions.  I’ll update on a weekly basis.

Before I go, don’t forget about Creepy Freebies!

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Enjoy a month long reading spree of horror, thriller, suspense, and downright creepy stories.

Happy October!