Follow Friday: Halloween edition

On Twitter they have this thing called “Follow Friday” where you type out a bunch of people’s user names that you think others should follow. This isn’t exactly the same, since I’m spotlighting only one blog. Plus, you know, this isn’t Twitter.

Our friend Anita Marie at Anita’s Owl Creek Bridge is dishing up the Halloween goodness by the truckload. Head over now and try to catch up; she’s been posting some great stuff all through September.

For those wondering if I have mono, TMJ, or spiders nesting in my neck, you’ll have to wait another day or two. My lab results took longer than anticipated.

Also, for those masochists who enjoy reading my horror reviews, I have three new ones over at Dark Scribe. You can either use my handy dandy links under “samples of my work” on the right sidebar ——->

Or you can go straight to Dark scribe and peruse the other great content as well.

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