Let’s kick off the Halloween Countdown

In the past, I’ve relegated the 12 days leading up to October 31st for my *almost* annual Halloween countdown. But this year, as I’m feeling the tingly fingers of Samhain a tad early, I thought I’d post a smattering of Halloween goodness in September as well as throughout October.

Also, I’m feeling guilty about skipping last year, having taken a yearlong break from the old blog. So the last time I really vomited orange all over Tales at Twilight was in 2007.

To kick us off this year, I want to promote some Halloween music. In 2007 I also posted some links to free Halloween Radio. Interestingly, this post *still* gets hits to this day, suggesting people are dying for good Halloween music.

Kristen Lawrence to the rescue. On her WEBSITE you can find Kristen’s Halloween EP, “Arachnitect.” It’s on sale now as either a download (less than four bucks!) or a CD. And according to her info, this is just the first of many volumes of Halloween music to come.

Kristen has a full version of her song “Ghost of John – Bare Bones Version” for FREE download on her site, as well as a few clips of the other songs.

From her description of the style of music on the CD: “Sounds like J.S. Bach bought some Marshall amps and Danny Elfman tromped through a 16th century masquerade festival.”

I strongly (ignore the knife in my hand) suggest you check out the clips. You’ll be happy you did.

More Halloween fun to come. Keep posted.

EDIT: Just another note. Kristen’s newest CD, a full length offering entitled A Broom With A View will be available very soon. Keep posted on her website in the news section.

4 thoughts on “Let’s kick off the Halloween Countdown”

  1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked.

    Since September hit, I've been meaning to get going on the Halloween content. And then I got a Tweet from Kristen, and it seemed the perfect thing to start out with.

  2. I LOVE Halloween. One year on my blog I did a blog every day for two weeks leading up to Halloween featuring a ghost story. I didn't get many comments during that time but I didn't care. I had so much fun!

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