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Soundtrack to the End of the WorldWhile I’m still jittery with morning coffee, I thought I’d post and let everyone (all five of you!) know that my debut novel SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD is currently FREE on Amazon.  The free promo started yesterday and ends today (May 1st, 2013), so get it while you still can!

It’s worth noting that this is not like other Kindle free promos you see so often these days.  My novel was first published in hardcover and paperback formats by Bad Moon Books, then released in ebook format, and finally RE-released in ebook format by Evil Jester Press.  This is important to note because unlike self published titles on the Kindle (like my short story collection WELCOME TO MOON HILL) I have absolutely no control over when or if SOUNDTRACK will be offered for free again.

From what I’ve been told, I believe this is a one-time free promotion.  So if you’ve been waiting for a price drop or a free promo, now’s your chance.  It may never happen again for SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD.

Happy reading!

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  1. The five of us. . . does that mean those of us mentioned on the acknowledgement page in the book? Should I feel honoured? 😉

  2. I tried to “purchase” this but it’s not available in Canada according to the Amazon checkout.

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