Friday the 13th + Full moon = A Horror Fan’s Paradise

full moon friday the 13th

On Friday, June 13th, there will be a full moon.  The collision of these two events (like stars aligning) signals a moment in time when all horror fans can rejoice together and revel in the glory of our favorite genre’s many gifts.


Because listen.  Here’s the thing.  In terms of actual holidays, we have Halloween, and that’s pretty much it.  Of course if you’re anything like me, you clutch at any reason to celebrate horror.  Friday the 13th, the Autumnal Equinox, Harvest Moons, anniversaries of horror movies.  Anything.

I loathe the idea of letting any opportunity to celebrate pass me by.  That’s why, on this Friday the 13th when the moon is full, I plan to create THUNDERCLAP of epic proportions, sending shock-waves of blood and gore into the nether realms of our shared fan base.  I want as many horror fans as inhumanly possible to bask in the full moon’s light whist drinking pumpkin ale and stoking the bonfire.

pumpkinales_full moon friday the 13th

Because here’s the other thing.  This event, a full moon on Friday the 13th, will not happen again until Friday, August 13th, 2049.  That’s a long time to wait.

Besides the partying, drinking, dressing up (in shredded, bloody clothes, I hope), movie marathons, and general jollification, I also want to take this opportunity to ask the horror fans of the world to support creators within the genre.  It’s fucking hard out there.  Artists, writers, film makers, sculptors: we all struggle to keep our heads above water.  And it’s crazy, when there are so many horror fans out there, foaming at the mouth for good content.

full moon friday the 13th

So on this Friday the 13th, in the light of the full moon, let’s throw our support behind some amazing creators.  Below you’ll find a list of writers, artists, general websites, and more.  Give us a chance, spread the word, and let’s make horror as pervasive as we want it to be.

Loosely Enforced Rules Horror Story Full Cover

FICTION: I’m a horror writer with many published works.  You’ve already found my website, so I’ll only link to my most recent release, a disturbing and bloody short story entitled “Loosely Enforced Rules.”

michelle harvey

ART: Next is an amazing artist (who created two of my audio book covers)  Michelle Harvey.  Her work is stellar, and she’s now putting it on t-shirts and more (as well as selling prints, originals, and accepting commissions.

koffin killer

ART: This next cat is one of the biggest horror fans I know.  Recently he started creating these fantastic, hand-painted/drawn/embellished coffins called Koffin Killers.

call girl

MOVIES:  There are a serious shit-ton of great movies out there, but one indie film maker I’ve recently gotten into is Chris LaMartina and his partner Jimmy George.  Their most recent jam is Call Girl of Cthulhu.  You can read my full review for more info.

FICTION:  Jonathan Winn is the perfect example of a writer on the rise.  I’ve had the pleasure of beta reading some of his work, and I can say without a doubt that he’s on his way up.  Get to know him over on his site, Martuk…the Holy.


SHIRTS: There are a ton of big name horror shirt makers out there, and I’ve patronized many of them (Fright Rags, Rotten Cotton, T-Shirt Bordello, Electric Zombie).  I know I’ve missed some, and I know there have to be some smaller companies just starting out.  Since this is all about supporting creators, post links in the comments to any I have missed.

PATREON: Another crowd sourcing site that does things right is Patreon.  It’s a beautiful way to support artists, and writer Mary Rajotte is a prime example of how to work it.  There are rewards and everything!

FICTION:  It’s no secret I dig Todd Keisling‘s fiction.  His stories are all sorts of horrific with that edge of thematic depth that really elevates it to the next level.

BLOGGERS:  One of my favorite bloggers out there is Matt from Dinosaur Dracula.  He does the best (2 month) Halloween countdown ever.


ART:  You want killer horror art?  Look no further than Tony Karnes.  His work brings me back to that old school horror style I just can’t get enough of.

MORE FICTION:  I’ve only just become aware of Khalid Patel, but he runs in the same group of writers as Eryk Pruitt (author of DIRT BAGS), so his work has to be good!

HORROR REVIEWS:  Don’t miss out on this killer site, Diaries of the Demented, which prides itself on spoiler free reviews.  They have netflix movie of the day, horror flick of the day, and much more.  Very cool stuff.

Loosely Enforced Rules horror scary story

EDIT for EVEN MORE FICTION:  Had a couple late-comers to the party.  Guy Medley shared his website with us, which he says is a little bare at the moment, but absolutely worth a look.  And there’s Ben Eads, a great writer I had the privilege of working with on an early draft of his that is now being prepped for publication!


Okay, this list could go on for quite a while.  But I don’t want to be the only voice here.  This is a THUNDERCLAP.  This is a movement.  We need to support each other, we need to explore and discover new creators, we need to prop Horror on our shoulders and lift it to new heights.

So it’s your turn.  Tell me, who should we discover?  Post in the comment section links and names.  Start a reddit filled with horror goodness.  And then grab that “Zombie Brain” mixed drink and a handful of Brittle Bones snack mix, and enjoy the new book, movie, art print, shirt, website, or whatever it is you have found.

Happy Friday the 13th.  Happy full moon.  Happy HORROR!

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