Halloween Decorations

As much as I love Halloween, I’ve never been really big into decorating.  I always manage *something* (usually a scarecrow and some wooden headstones), but the top-tier haunted house displays were always beyond me.


In usually fashion, I went to the dollar store and bought some decorations

That looked better in the bag

Than they did on the house

I also went a little overboard

With the fake web

8 thoughts on “Halloween Decorations”

  1. Elizabeth Arroyo

    I think your web looks nice. Mine just looks, clunky. I’ve decorated my house but putting it up is fun and the kids are onboard, but then I realize it’s still there when Christmas comes around. =)

  2. Love the webbing. Best part, is putting it up early enough the rain, wind, and leaves make it even more eerie and tangled. I’ve taken the webbing and wadded it up in ashes to play down the bright white, making it look like it’s been there awhile. (Hugs)Indy

    P.S. An email will be coming by tom. hopefully. I’m a bit…scatterbrained today. Kind of like you, grading essays. ;P

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