October Horror Movie Marathon!

What distinguishes my normal movie viewing habits from my October viewing habits?  I actually put *forethought* into what I want to watch. Creepy, right?

I used to simply grab three or four movies to watch on Halloween (or the night before, depending on my plans), but as the years have progressed, there are simply too many movies I want to watch.  Too many Halloween specials I *need* to watch.

What follows is a sneak peek at my horror movie choices for this special month, as well as a list of what I’ve already consumed.

During the first week of October, I let destiny guide me, relying on serendipitous channel (and netflix)  surfing.  So how did I do?  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Insidious:  I enjoyed this one quite a bit.  I’ve been growing weary of torture porn, and a good old haunted house flick (with some twists and turns) was just what I needed.

The Ward:  Good to see Carpenter back, but this movie was a little disappointing.  Overall a good addition to his canon, but the ending has been done before, and it detracted from my enjoyment.

South Park Halloween Episodes:  I love South Park.  And Halloween TV always gets me in the spirit.

Ghoulies: The last time I saw this was in the 80’s.  I wish it was *still* the last time I saw it.  My memories of it were much kinder than the reality.

American Horror Story (TV):  Not a bad pilot episode.  I’m excited to see how it progresses.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932): This was on TCM.  Great film, but I have to admit, I fell asleep halfway through.

I’ve supplemented these with some not-really-horror viewing like Warehouse 13 and Doctor Who episodes.  As for my plans for the rest of the month, there’s still much to see:

Riding the Bullet, Planet Terror, Zombieland, The Lawnmower Man, Suspiria, The Return of the Living Dead, Jenifer, In the Mouth of Madness, Trick ‘r Treat, Secret Window, Dead Alive, Critters, Poltergeist, Re-Animator, Cemetery Man, and Night of the Living Dead.

The night before Halloween and the day of is when I like to watch all the Halloween specials of old: Pete and Pete “Halloweenie,” “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure,” “The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors” episodes, and of course “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”

Now then.  Two important questions:   What else should I add to my list?  What are *you* planning on watching for your own Halloween marathon?


13 thoughts on “October Horror Movie Marathon!”

  1. Great list. I’m going to check some of them out. Insidious is my movie for tonight (not very appropriate for Thanksgiving, but whatever). The Masters of Horror episodes are good creepy fun, and I like b-movie horror like “Don’t Look in the Basement”.

    Garfield’s Halloween Special – best. ever.

    1. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be sure to add “Don’t Look in the Basement” to my list. And yes, Garfield is the best. I have the holiday collection dvd. 🙂

  2. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I watched Trick ‘r’ Treat a few days ago. The Shining is on the agenda for tonight (the original with Jack Nicholson). I have Insidious from Netflix which will probably be sometime this week.

    I always watch Pumpkinhead & The Crowe. Charlie Brown is a definite must, along with the old Disney cartoon version of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Sleepy Hollow) – for some reason they never show this one on tv anymore.

    Then there are the standard films – Carrie, Candyman, Pet Cemetary, The Mist, practically anything with a zombie in it. Oh, and Walking Dead is starting back up Oct. 16th. So many more, too many to list…So how’s your frightful weekend going? (Hugs)Indigo

    1. Great additions, Indy! Some I’ll omit since I very recently watched (Like Carrie and The Shining). Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Pumpkinhead, so I’ll add that for sure. Can’t wait for more Walking Dead! (Watching Dexter now too).

      My weekend has been so-so. Partly good because I’ve gotten to do October-ish things. Partly bad because I’m grading more for this Wednesday (midterm grades going in).

  3. Hey, cool list. I always watch at least one Halloween movie from the never ending series. Check out Stake Land, if you haven’t. It’s a good vampire flick with actual vicious vampires. I also plan on watching Monster Squad. Just a fun 80’s flick.

  4. If I recall correctly, In the Mouth of Madness scared the hell out of me… But my memory fails sometimes.

    Cemetery Man is awe-some. How about some Hammer films? The Curse of Frankenstein or Horror of Dracula?

  5. Oh yeah, The Great Pumpkin is allllways on the list!

    I think this year we’re going to get through one of our old school classic packs. Mark of the Vampire, Devil Doll, etc etc ad nauseum. Cheese.

    Also, probably some MST3K to keep us sane. There are a couple of really hilarious horror ones out there. I like Ring of Terror, myself.

    Gonna look up some of yours I haven’t seen yet. Thanks!

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