Halloween Weekend

We’re almost there. And that means more Halloween goodies.

Today I decided, for some reason, to make donuts. I wondered if doughnuts and Halloween had any connection, and it turns out, yes, they do!

Halloween Doughnuts

It’s an interesting article and recipe, though I used a different one for mine:

Alton Brown’s Doughnuts

That’s right. Good ol’ Alton Brown.

So, I thought I’d catalogue the process for the hungry among you.

They came out better than expected, though it did take quite a while to accomplish. The rise alone was about an hour, and then another 30 minutes after the roll and cut. But that’s part of the fun.

I forgot to take pictures of my caramel apples the other day, but I suspect you know what they look like.

I’ve had a couple rejections over the past week or two. Nothing worth reporting in detail really. Just standard form rejects in most cases. My flash piece in Everyday Fiction comes out tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post and link as necessary.

I hope every one else is making the most of the season.

Be sure to click the photos for larger views.

Happy October.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend”

  1. Hey, thanks, Anthony for commenting on my story. I was going to reply, but the Everyday fiction server must only allow a certain number of replies by one person. Either that or my computer is getting ready for halloween and being evil! LOL

    At any rate, thank you so much for your comment. Really appreciate it. (bought heaps of treats for halloween) Hopefully we get no trick or treaters so I can eat them all myself! LOL I like the idea of baking stuff too. What you have done looks YUMMY!!!!



  2. No problem, it was a great story.

    Yes! I buy sooo much candy knowing that we only get a few trick or treaters these days. And the rest is MINE! Mine I tells ya!

    Mwa ha ha ha!

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