Happiness is a Warm Cookie

Sometimes I think the thing to do is open a cookie store.  I don’t have any formal business or culinary training, but somehow I don’t think it matters.  It’d be like a doughnut shop, only with cookies.  I’d have a dozen different kinds that are made each day, with a few seasonal ones that change.  Like pumpkin spice and apple cider walnut.  I’d call the place Cookies and Milk.  There’d be a little stage for open mic night and literary readings.  Every Halloween I would throw a huge party and give out goodie bags.  It wouldn’t make me rich, but it would be a living.  And it would be my place.

Sometimes I think that’d be the thing to do.  Because everyone likes cookies.

9 thoughts on “Happiness is a Warm Cookie”

  1. Actually sounds perfect for you! If I know you though, you’d still be writing alongside the baking.

    You could even off ice cream cookies in the cooler months. (Hugs)Indy

    1. Oh heck no, I couldn’t stop writing. In truth, I think the only way I’d ever be able to open a cookie shop is if I made obscene amounts of money from writing. So two impossible goals. :-p

    1. Ha! Yeah, this time of year, autumn themed food is all I can think about. Well, that and Halloween. And horror movies. And…okay, okay. I lied. it’s not all I think about.

  2. What a Mouth watering idea. I’d definitely have to jump over that small lake between us to sample your hospitality – and it has absolutely nothing to do with the the pumpkin spice and apple cider walnut…lol

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