“Morning Espresso at the Church of Me” Now Available!

Good friends and readers,

Issue #10 of Space Squid is now available for free download.  Within the fine pages of what they’re calling “The Bizarro Issue,” you’ll find my humble flash piece “Morning Espresso at the Church of Me.”

With all the new specialty coffee on the market–cafe latte mochachino what?–it’s only a matter of time before we bend the rules to deliver a truly unique blend.  Discover your new addiction inside the pages of Space Squid.

My story even has its very own illustration!

Don’t forget to read my table of contents entry, where you’ll find the “X-Men: First Class 60s event I Forrest Gumped.”  Confused?  So was I, but I managed to write something anyway.

Go forth and get bizarre.


[Edited for ridiculous typos I should have caught before posting.  I blame it on the brain slugs.]

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      1. Maybe because I was stuck on the:

        “X-Men: First Class 60s event I Forrest Gumped.”

        Ah, hell I’m still stuck on it and very, very, confused.

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