7 thoughts on “Hardcover Video”

  1. Oooh it’s so pretty! I especially like the music note illo on the back. Mmmmmm. I am so not surprised they’re going fast <3

  2. GET THE TATTOO!!!! I would, if I were you, and I don’t even HAVE a tatoo!!!!
    Aren’t you cute in your video!
    And WOW, your hardcovers look amazing. Job very, very well done, Anthony. Best of luck with it!

  3. Just finished your book, and WOW!! You had me from page one. The development of your characters brought them to life, and I just wanted to follow them wherever they traveled. I felt a part of the journey, as though someone had taken my hand and lead me in. Thank you for allowing me to revisit the probables we all ponder.
    Those of friendships based on the trust and love of strangers, of acceptance for that which is not always where our beliefs live. For letting the reader see that family is not based on a bloodline and the word “kin” takes on a whole different meaning. I am not an avid reader of horror and zombies but the symbolism that “black inks” these pages make you speculate as to your own Soundtrack to the end of the world. I can still hear the Screamers….Thank you Tony…..Loved Loved Loved it!!!!!! Marsha

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