Harvest Moon Horror Movie Marathon and Halloween Hullabaloo

harvest moon september 2013

[UPDATE:  For more Halloween horror movie marathon lists and suggestions, go to my horror movie marathon category and see past posts!]

This Halloween season continues to burst at the seams with riches  beyond  count, and as it does, I have attempted to celebrate every given moment of it.  This is especially true when the calendar bestows upon us moments of even greater celebration, such as last week’s Friday the 13th and this week’s full harvest moon, set for September 18th and 19th.  Not willing to squander even a second of the Halloween season, I offer you a bevy of options to construct your very own Harvest Moon Movie Marathon!  For this grand party, we’ll need food, drinks, music, and movies.  Let’s get to work.


The Food

Being that we’re celebrating the harvest moon, my mind goes immediately to foods of the harvest.  Specifically, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and caramel apples.  These are staples in my house all autumn though, so I’m looking to shake things up a bit more.  Let’s get abstract.

werewolf claws food

How about mini white pizzas made to look like a full moon, moon pies (those lovely chocolate covered, marshmallow filled cookie sandwiches), werewolf claws, werewolf kibble, and anything else that tickles your fancy.  Try coming up with a new full moon themed food that no one has ever made, just keep the human meat out of it, will ya?


The Drinks

My go-to drink for nearly every Halloween party is pumpkin ale, and it just so happens the pumpkin ale I brew (a recipe of my own creation) is even called Moon Hill Pumpkin Ale.  That works  out perfectly for me, but for you, my wonderful readers, why not try Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Dark O’ The Moon from Elysian Brewing Company, or Newcastle Werewolf.

newcastle werewolf beer

Fancy a mixed drink instead?  Here’s a list of the five best werewolf themed drinks, leading off with something called the werewolf transformation (no doubt something you’ll be enduring after a night of these concoctions).

Speaking of which, how about a non-alcoholic option?  Jones Soda has their new Halloween soda flavors out for 2013, and one of them has a werewolf on the can!  I’d say that’s just about perfect if the flavor weren’t candy corn.  I may have to pass on that one.  There’s always the old standby of Dragon’s Blood Punch.



The Music

If you’re anything like me (pathetic and friendless), this “party” we’re talking about is really more of a candy and alcohol fueled movie marathon, and music doesn’t really fit into the mix, except maybe to play during the mixing of drinks.  I tell you this to explain why I haven’t put much though into what I’m about to suggest: Werewolves of London on infinite loop.  Yeah.


The Movies

I’m going to take this two ways.  First I’ll lull you into a false sense of security with options you fully expect.  Then I’ll blow your collective pumpkin brains across the wall with mind-bending suggestions that make almost no sense.  Ready?

Start with The Howling, then rinse that down with An American Werewolf in London.  

Take a break with this Fruit Brute commercial.


Continue with Dog Soldiers.

Cleanse your palate with this clip from Ugly Americans.


Restart your marathon with Twilight.  Naw, just kidding.  Please don’t do that.

Finish up with Troll 2, because…well, because it’s Troll 2 and you’re tired of watching werewolf movies.

I was tempted to add Trick ‘r Treat to the list (for obvious reasons for anyone who has seen the movie), but I really like that one closer to Halloween, so I’m saving it.

At the end of the day, this is your celebration, so have fun with it.  Choose whatever foods, drinks, and movies you’ll most enjoy.  They don’t have to have anything to do with the full moon or werewolves, as long as it gets you in the Halloween spirit.  Carve an early jack-o-lantern, start decorating for Halloween, and please: have fun!

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  1. Great setup. I’ve heard good things about Hemlock Grove. Although I haven’t seen it yet. Netflix offers it exclusively for streaming. Dog Soldiers is a definite wolf must. (Hugs) Indy

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