Into the Void

Months of waiting and two query letters later, I have received a response concerning my submission to Simulacrum Magazine. It’s not a rejection. But it’s not an acceptance either.

Simulacrum Magazineis closing.

I can’t say I am happy with this news, seeing as how my piece has been with them for months yet, they were very generous in their letter to me, and even gave me two free issues to their newsletter as a way of saying “sorry.”

Pretty nice of them all said and done. Plus, now I have another short that I can revise (It’s been a while since I wrote this one) and resubmit.

6 thoughts on “Into the Void”

  1. Ack! That’s a downer. After the wait, it’s nice to know one way or the other. But even worse, you’ve lost a good place to submit. Sorry to hear it.

  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks, Jason.

    Yeah, the market for horror isn’t too great; combine that with a struggling short story industry and you get a tough sell.

    High hopes, though, right? Right.

  3. I’ve had this experience before – just keep at it. You’ve got the right attitude – now you have a piece that you know captured someone else’s interest which you can send out again.

  4. I think you are taking the right attitude with this. How nice that you have so many pieces in play. How many do you?

  5. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks. Yeah, no use getting all bent out of shape over it. Besides, they went out of the way to make things right.

    Scott, I have 11 things submitted right now, not counting 5 flash stories all entered into the same contest at HWA. Once I get this story back out, it will be 12.

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