Spotlight on Duotrope

A few days ago I posted four new links to my market listings. Since then, I have taken a closer look at these web sites, and decided to spotlight one of my favorites, Duotrope.

To call this simply a “market listing” is insulting (and I apologize). Duotrope manages to combine what a writer would normally have to surf through three or four separate websites to find.

Yes, first and foremost Duotrope brags a comprehensive and up-to-date listing of markets (not only horror I might add, but all genre listings, including literary, anthology markets, and contest pages). These lists can be browsed or searched for using their advanced search options.

The real fun begins when you sign up (for FREE). Once logged in, you can use the site to keep a submission log. The log remains online through your control panel, and when you receive acceptances or rejections (and make the change in your tracker), the website automatically adds them to the market statistics, which you can search or browse at any time.

The market stats show you the stated and average response times, percentages of acceptance vs. rejection, and much more.

You can also save markets in your favorites or ignore lists.

Not enough? Okay, you can also track deadlines for contests.

I’m sure there are even more features I have yet to find.

And don’t forget, this is all free!

So, why does this excite me so much? Let me run you through a normal day concerning market listings–before I found Duotrope.

First I would browse through, checking to see if any new markets have appeared. Next, I would bounce on over to Speculations to check the acceptance/rejection logs and see the current RT’s of markets. After that, if I had made a submission, I would go to (which you have to pay for) and add my submission to their submission tracker. Now that my subscription ran out, I would have to create my own log on the computer (and that has no special feature, let me tell you).

Phew! Okay, enough. Go see for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Spotlight on Duotrope”

  1. While the market compiliation is great, it’s really the logging that’s the appeal. Great!

  2. Benjamin Solah

    I have this site saved on my favourites but I haven’t been submitting enough to make proper use of it.

  3. Now that you took the time to point Duotrope out, I will definitely go and take advantage. Thanks!

  4. Anthony J. Rapino

    Flood, I agree. I was looking for a new way of tracking subs, and this hooked me.

    Ben, I understand that. I think I’ll be slowing down now that I’m into my novel.

    Scott, Nice. Hope I didn’t hype it too much.

  5. I discovered this website a month or so ago. I love it! It makes things so much easier.

  6. Anthony J. Rapino

    Jason, no problem

    Andrea, Yeah, it’s a great site. I really love the submission tracker.

  7. It’s a great site. I would strongly suggest that you don’t keep your submission information only on this site, though – save it to your hard drive now and then, or print it out and file it.

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