Oh Well.

I won’t lie. After the past couple bits of good news I received, I was hoping to keep the ball rolling. I had a similar hope over a year ago when I sold my first story to a paying market.

But that wasn’t the case. I hit the road hard and had a long 1 year 5 month dry spell. Until last week.

But now, it seems history is repeating itself.

I received a 45-day rejection from the Black Box anthology for four flash pieces.

The editors had some nice things to say, and I had apparently made it to the short list, but in the end, it was a no-go.

That’s okay though. I’m still happy about my last sale, and though saying this next bit has proven to be an affective jinx, I feel pretty good about some of my other submissions.

Anyway, despite it all, I continue my work on the novel.

Picture sourced from Writers Circles

3 thoughts on “Oh Well.”

  1. They must have liked the stories a lot if they made it to the short list. That’s a pretty good picture you’ve found there. I love the way that guy is just slouching right down in his chair. He isn’t reading my mail is he? It certainly sounds like it :-0

  2. Hey oni,

    Forget the rejection, congrats on selling another piece. I guess it doesn’t matter to the ego, a rejection is still a rejection, and it is never easy to take. But you keep on plugging, man. You are a true inspiration.

    Sorry I haven’t replied much, but I really appreciate being on your short list!

  3. Steve:
    Well, i sure hope they liked it. it is sort of nice to have been shortlisted at least.

    No worries, but I am glad you found time to drop by. Yeah, just gotta keep plugging.

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