Quietly Waiting

All the work I’ve had accepted is quietly waiting to be published.  The stories I’ve submitted to magazines are quietly waiting to be read.  My novel is quietly waiting to be written.  My homebrew is quietly waiting to be bottled.  And I’m quietly waiting for Autumn.

I’m not a big fan of summer, and this, right here right now, is the worst.  The middle of the summer, heat and humidity, seemingly nothing happening.  Even my blog posts and tweets have lessened.

Yesterday my brother said, “I guess this is what they mean by the dog days of summer.”  I replied by barking.

I need to get into an October state of mind.

6 thoughts on “Quietly Waiting”

  1. Waiting is the worst, and even with the two rejections I received today from Weird Tales and Kasma, I feel like it’s been a while for more than a few of my other subs. As far as autumn goes, I enjoy the season, but not the renewed workload!

  2. I was thinking exactly this just yesterday. We don’t get heat or humidity here, but I’m still not a fan of summer. Bring on the crisp cold of autumn.

    I’m glad the waiting is quiet and not screaming or shreiking. It’s all good stuff you’re waiting for.

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