Rejection #19

This is a 33 day rejection from Heliotrope. It was for my short story “The Box of Forever.”

I guess I should expect a third rejection this week. You know, the rule of threes and all that jazz.


In other rnews, I finally made the leap into the digital age and bought myself a digital camera (Canon Powershot A540). It’s a cool little camera, and with a thirty dollar coupon I had for Amazon, it wasn’t too much money either.

I’ve actually had it for a couple days now, but I am still reading through the manual. I can take simple photos, but I’d sorta like to know what the fifty other symbols popping up on the LCD mean, and how to use them.

I hope to start posting photos soon, but don’t expect any Ansel Adams.

6 thoughts on “Rejection #19”

  1. Sorry about the rejections.

    I’d love to get a digital camera but can’t afford one. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. I’d actually impressed if you got a third rejection. That means you have three stories out there, which is pretty good.

    I have an older model Powershot and found it quite good. I can take the basic photos I want plus a few little tricks.

  3. Anthony J. Rapino

    Andrea, that’s what I thought until I started looking around. There are some cheap ones if you aren’t looking for top of the line.

    Yeah, always have to have a few out there. I actually sent out three more today.

    Yeah, I think any Canon is pretty good.

  4. Sorry about the rejections – what does that mean, though, a 33 day rejection? Sorry, I know nothing about the writing world.

    Have fun with your camera, it will be neat to see pics!


  5. Anthony J. Rapino

    Hey Kate. It just means that it took 33 days from the time I sent the submission to the day I received the rejection.

    Hey, my new starter is amazing! It rises dough in 2 hours. Now that I have the camera, I’ll be able to post the stages.

  6. There are two saying about 3s: Things happen in threes and, of course, third time lucky or the third ones the charm, so you never know.

    Digital cameras are great. I’d be lost without mine. I used to spend a fortune on getting films developed. Now I just file my pics and print them off when I need them.

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