Rejection #20

I received a 1 day rejection from Raven Electrick for a flash fiction piece. She suggested sending another one in, so I did. Hopefully it will have better luck.

So, I guess that’s my three. Does that mean I get a sale now? Here’s hoping.

So, I broke in my new camera today while I made my first sourdough pizza. It came great–better than I thought it would. So, here is the catalogue of photos. Sorry about this first one being all blurry, but I messed it up.

Anyway, this first picture is my proofed sourdough starter after sitting for about 5 1/2 hours. Notice all of the bubbles on top.
So once it was nice and active, I mixed the recipe and formed a nice dough. This is the dough directly after kneading:

And this is my dough after 2 1/2 hours of rising:

I told you it was a super starter. My last sourdough starter would take at least nine hours to get a rise like this, plus I didn’t like the taste of that last one. This one tastes great. Anyway, I only did one rise on this since it was going to be a pizza. So next I stretched it out onto a cookie sheet and put it together. I would have liked to use a pizza stone, but I haven’t had a chance to pick up a new one.

And once it came out of the oven:

And that’s that. The pizza is gone. The crust was really crispy. Damn. Now I want more.

4 thoughts on “Rejection #20”

  1. Yay! Congratulations! The pizza looks great. Immediately after taking the pizza out of the oven I brush olive oil on the crust and it’s soo good. The last few times I have made pizza I threw in some dried rosemary and oregano in when I kneaded it and before shaping I cut some slices off the side to make bread sticks. The crust is my favorite part, might as well have more!

    Looks great, Anthony, I’m glad you kept at it.


  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    Thanks Kate!

    That olive oil trick is a good idea. I do that when I make focaccia bread. It’s funny you mention the rosemary, because I do the same thing with, again, the focaccia.

    Do you also do only one rise with the pizza dough? Also, I meant to ask, do you have more than one starter? And did you ever send away for any, or do you just catch your own?

    I’m trying some sourdough cornbread tonight.

  3. Sorry to hear about the rejection. Third time obviously wasn’t the charm. One Day! That’s even faster than GUD. If she wants to see more of your work it sounds like it was close thing.

    Some pretty clear pictures there. I feel quit hungry now and fancy a pizza. Thanks for that. I’m up to about 17 stone at the moment and have been trying to avoid them. Oh well, perhaps one won’t hurt. Pizza… mmmm…

  4. Hey there,
    Yes, one rise on the pizza dough. When I make bread it’s usually an overnight first rise and… I don’t know, a 2 or so hour second rise, but my pizza gets one 8 hour rise.

    I have two starters – my sourdough starter sits on the counter and gets fed every day and I have a dead Amish cinnamon bread (also known as friendship bread) starter in the fridge. I didn’t mean to kill it, but I don’t bake sweet breads that often and I forgot about it and now I have to remember to throw it away. My friend keeps that one going so when I kill it I just get more from her. But the sourdough is my baby and I never let it die!

    I caught wild beasties from the air for my sourdough starter. I live in the SF bay area so we have yummy beasties floating around. Before I realized how easy it was to catch ’em I bought a packet of dried starter from the grocery store – and now feel stupid for basically buying air – but it didn’t work anyway. I just dried some of my starter to send it off to my dad who lives on the east coast now and misses bay area bread. We’ll see if it works!

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