Secret Transmission 3: Halloween Sale

Welcome back, Official CCA members!  I apologize for the long-held silence, but it has been a very very busy summer.  Finally, though, the autumn has arrived with full-force, and tomorrow (glory of all glories) is October 1st!  It seemed the time was right for another secret transmission.

Today’s communication is chock full of benefits for you, the official members of the Candy Corn Apocalypse.  Specifically, if you plan to purchase anything from my Halloween sale, which goes live this Sunday, October 2nd, at 12 noon EST, you should know the following:

You can STILL use the 10% off coupon that came with your membership, even if you have already used it once.  COUPON CODE:  BeSureToDrinkYourOvaltine

If you order something, you are privileged to EXTRA goodies in the Jack-o-lantern goodie bag!  Your bag with be filled with even more surprises, TWO raffle tickets instead of only one (for the Halloween Giveaway), and extra secret surprises randomly added to lucky members’ bags!  All you have to do is type the secret passphrase in the “notes for seller” section of the order form: And with strange aeons even death may die.

I’ll have more updates to our secret page as the weeks of October flit by.  Happy October, Happy Autumn, Happy Halloween!

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