Secret Transmission 4: A New Year of Horror

Greetings, Apocalites!

I apologize for the long intervals of silence between transmissions, but I’ve been hard at work in the CCA laboratories, coming up with fiendish new ways to terrify and delight.  Many of you I’m sure have already laid eyes upon the newest offerings, which will go on sale within the next two weeks.

Of course, one of the reasons you come here isn’t for the information that everyone else knows, but for the revelations that only Candy Corn Apocalypse Army members are privy to.  I recently related my intention of unleashing a new Creepshow item upon the world.  Here’s the first glimpse of that, for your eyes only!


It is an Upson Pratt magnet!  But that’s not all.  This magnet will come complete with an extra special interactive surprise that I’m calling “Upson Pratt’s Bug Bag.”  There will be more updates on this coming soon after the first sale of the year.

And finally, I’d like to show you all one of the secret little surprises that one lucky member will find in their box of goodies if they make an order during the next sale.


But don’t worry if you don’t score the candy-variant of candy corn Cthulhu, there will be plenty of other randomly inserted goodies as well.

Until next time, breathe deep of the night.



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