Today I visit the magically awesome Laurita on her home turf:  Calling Shotgun.  In my guest post, Truth in Fiction, I discuss the inspiration for my story “Stanley” and give you, good readers, a free look at the story in question.

Once you’ve visited Laurita (remember to wipe your feet!), come on back here and enter the big giveaway.  You can win a DVD, signed magazine, graphic novel, and more.  Entering is a simple matter of selling me your soul…or, you know, becoming a member of the schizo squad.

Some of you may have earned entries with even knowing it!  Go read the rules and message/comment to let me know how many entries (Asylum Points) I owe you.


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6 thoughts on “Shotgun!”

  1. I was there and left my mark…

    Loved the pics of Leo. Funny thinking of you walking little Leo, and me having to deal with 65lb Pickles. Good lord, there are days I think she’s going to yank my arm out of the socket. She gets a scent of something and you’re along for the ride no matter what. Leo and Pickles together would really dig up some mischief. Kind of like us!(Hugs)Indigo

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