Winners, Guest Posts, and Bears…Oh My?

I’m a big liar.  There are no bears!

I have a few updates today.  First, the winner of the latest Schizo Squad Challenge is Jessica McHugh, who scored herself a free copy of Welcome to Moon Hill.

Next, I have a super-awesome guest post on Liz Arroyo’s blog, Chandara Writes.  It’s entitled “The Sounds of Screams,” and here’s a snippet:

I need musical accompaniment to almost everything I do, save those few tasks that don’t allow it (like brain surgery and checkers).  When I cook, the first thing I do is set up the computer’s music player to produce a solid wall of sound between myself and the stove.  I listen to Tool while making stews, Ben Harper for Mexican, Bitter Ruin for pasta.  Each meal is a soundtrack that plays over my tongue like naughty salsa dancers.

Don’t forget that I’m holding a big ol’ giveaway.  There are numerous ways to enter and build up Asylum Points, so get going.  But be sure to comment either on the blog or the Schizo Squad page to let me know how many entries I need to add to the tally.  I wouldn’t want to stiff ya!

Here is the updated blog tour dates, with links to the ones that have already been posted.

2/6/12:  Bloody Bookish.

2/8/12:  Chandara Writes.

2/10/12:  Calling Shotgun.

2/13/12:  Ghosts in Parentheses.

2/15/12:  Cate Gardner’s Official Site.

2/17/12:  Wag the Fox.

8 thoughts on “Winners, Guest Posts, and Bears…Oh My?”

  1. I have chap books filled with lyrics I’ve saved on each and every book I’ve written. Whatever song fits the mood of the chapter I’m currently writing. I’ll look up the lyrics I want and keep the words nearby.

    I have a huge catalog of song memories from when I used to hear, the words alone will usually set the tone. Rarely do the same songs apply to another book for me. I don’t know why, once I choose a song for a scene it won’t fit anywhere else. (Hugs)Indy

  2. I enjoy listening to music while I stalk my prey. It helps put me at ease and find my center ;OP

    Just bought your “Welcome to Moon Hill” for my ipad. Now, I must enjoy.

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