Still Here

Sorry about the lack of posting these past weeks. But I’m still here.

I started work on my new novel. No title yet and only about 750 words in, so anything can happen.

Otherwise, I’ve been content to hang on to this last bit of sanity. It’s a losing battle, but worth a shot.

6 thoughts on “Still Here”

  1. Oh, man. Those first few steps in writing a novel. *cringe* All that blank white space calling for tens of thousands of words. Daunting stuff, but best of luck.

  2. If that's what you look like now, I dread to think what you'll look like mid book. 😀

  3. Thanks, Fox. Yeah, I'm still feeling this one out. I usually only start with a vague idea of the plot and direction.

    Ha! Cate, I'll be sure to chronicle my plunge into lunacy.

  4. Andrea Allison

    Wow…someone is screaming for a makeover. The first steps are always the hardest but worth losing a bit of sanity.

  5. Sanity is for slacker, let it go Onipar!!!

    And I don't know what you're talking about, this is a great "I'm Back" post. I didn't have the funny lady… I think she's pretty!

    Happy writing! Good luck on your novel!

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