The Bacon Wrapping Experiment (BWE)

Over the holiday weekend, I will conduct an experiment to discover if there is a type of food in existence that tastes bad when wrapped with bacon. It is a widely held belief, backed up by scientific data, that bacon is one of the top ten most healthful foods, and one of the top five most tasty foods in the world.

Dieting tip: For breakfast, instead of that fattening oatmeal, mix a tablespoon of bacon grease into your scrambled eggs for a heart-healthy alternative.

These facts are common knowledge. But what many people do not know is bacon can actually enhance the flavor of most foods. Why else wrap such high end products as shrimp, scallops, and even lobster with bacon? That’s right, to enhance the flavor.

However, after years of in depth research, I have found that there are no studies to prove this foodie phenomenon. So I have taken it upon myself to, over the course of the fourth of July weekend, randomly wrap different types of food with bacon, and publish my results.

The results will appear on my Twitter account periodically for the next three days (through Monday). If you’d like to take part in this ground breaking project, follow me on twitter and “@onipar” your results.

God speed brave food explorers. God speed.

2 thoughts on “The Bacon Wrapping Experiment (BWE)”

  1. I am SO going to follow this.

    I have my own theories, but keep in mind Vanilla and Bacon Ice Cream is the Bees Knees…and yes I am speaking from experience.

  2. Nice! 🙂

    Yeah, Bacon really does work with desserts because of the salty and sweet combo.

    I saw someone make chocolate covered bacon once, and people loved it.

    Feel free to add your own results. Should be fun.

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