The Long Wait

Every writer has a certain part of the process that they hate. For some it is the conception, for others the outlining, and for most the editing. I think for me it is the long wait between the submission of a story and the reply. Whether it be rejection or acceptance, it is the waiting that kills me.

Since my last acceptance (“The Plumber” to Devil’s Work) I have had no response to my many other submissions. And on top of that, I continue to submit new stories.

Is no response better than a bad response?

Hell no! That’s gotta be the stupidest question I ever heard, and if it wasn’t me who asked it, well, there’d be hell to pay.

Since this isn’t really leading to anything, I’ll just post my recent news:

A short 500 word story, “The New Horror,” was recently submitted to Raven’s Electrik.

I am nearing completion of two other stories that I have been working on for longer than I’d like to admit. With their completion, I will undoubtedly submit them.

As already stated, I have no new news of new stories to come.

And now, I will get back to writing.

4 thoughts on “The Long Wait”

  1. Thanks, Southern. As much as I hate it, when that letter finally comes, nothing beats it–except getting an acceptance.

  2. [quote]Is no response better than a bad response?[quote]

    I totally agree with you. I’d much rather get a negative response than none at all. That way I can move on, but the waiting game, wondering whether-or-not an agent/editor will ever respond is pure hell.


  3. Thanks for the link back 😉 Yes it’s painful waiting to know if they like the piece or if it fits the theme etc..I was recently asked to come up with a four page comic for a paid publication and it can be anything I want. Which feels awesome after submiting so many things not knowing if it’l get used.

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