The Moon Hill Blog Tour

The Moon Hill blog tour starts tomorrow, with a post at a great new site (that if you haven’t discovered yet, you can thank me later):  Bloody Bookish. The schedule thus far is as follows:


On each of these days I will post here to remind you about the guest post as well as to announce a new Schizo Squad challenge.  The last challenge (Funny Face) was won by Jaidis Shaw and her daughter for this awesome funny face:

The reviews for Welcome to Moon Hill have started rolling in, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Thank you to everyone who has posted a review, and anyone who plans on doing so. (Click names for full reviews).

“It’s like being blasted with a fire hose spraying imagination at high-pressure instead of water.”  –Troy Blackford

“This collection of delightfully creepy tales grabs hold of you by the short hairs and doesn’t let you go until you’ve finished them all. Believe me. I know.”  –Milo Fowler

“One thing that impressed me about this collection was the atmosphere, like Halloween as you imagine it from childhood. It is a mix of all the colour and earthy goodness of October, mixed with the dark and twisted things lurking just out of sight. When we are finally faced with those things, the result is wickedly satisfying. ”  –Laurita Miller

Please join me tomorrow when I kick of the blog tour and announce new challenges and prizes.  I’m also conducting a Q&A over at Goodreads if you’d like to surf by and join in the discussion.

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