Win a Book

How’s that title working for you?  Simple, effective, elegant even.  Win a book.  What book?  My book!

Today’s Schizo Squad challenge is an easy one.  First, if you haven’t joined (by “liking” the Facebook page), do so now.  Next, surf on by Welcome to Moon Hill’s Amazon page, “like” it, and vote on the tags that are halfway down the page (directly under the author bio).  It’ll look like a list of words (horror, horror stories, etc) with little boxes next to them that you can check.

By doing this, you’re helping to make my book come up higher in the search engine when people search those particular tags, thus making my book more visible.  And hey, while you’re there, consider picking up a copy.

Once you’re done, you can post either here or on the Schizo Squad page and I’ll enter you to win a copy of the book.  I’ll let this challenge run through Wednesday.

Also, don’t forget to go read my guest post over at Bloody Bookish.  I’d like to thank Mary, the queen of cool, for letting me get all “Tony” on her blog today.  It marks the kickoff of the Moon Hill Blog Tour, and is entitled, “The Importance of Weird.”  You don’t want to miss this one.

10 thoughts on “Win a Book”

      1. Ayuh! So do I get dubbed your biggest fan yet? Not psycho fannish or anything like that…hmm…too late I’m a crazy chick whichever way you twist the screw. ;P

    1. 😀 Thank you! Well, actually, something I haven’t been publicizing very well is the fact that every time someone participates in a Schizo Squad challenge, besides the chance to win the book, you’re gaining “Asylum Points” (entries) into the BIG PRIZE giveaway, yet to be announced. 😉

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