The Weekend Grind and Tea

When Friday rolls around, I say to myself, “I know i can get some real work done.” And usually this is true.

Usually I wake up early on Saturday, go to the farmer’s market, have some breakfast, and get to work. Okay, so today wasn’t exactly ideal. When my alarm went off, I might have swatted it off the nightstand accompanied by a battle-cry of a grunt. I might have even thrown my remote at the television, when the TV alarm sounded.

That’s okay. It’s cool, Baby.

I deserve the rest. And if a couple inanimate objects were harmed in the process, I can live with that.

I have been working on the novel again. I’ve accumulated many more words, though i haven’t put them up on the meter yet.

Over the past week, I also received two rejections. They both had some good comments attached to them. While not very helpful for the stories I submitted (the comments were based on things that can’t be changed in the stories), they will certainly help in my future writing, and that is always a welcome treat.


Do you drink tea?

Personally, I love my coffee, but when the weather starts to change, I start to cycle through other warm beverages, such as hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and of course, tea.

The past year or two, I have also made a change in the way I drink tea, moving away from the pre-packaged bags from the grocery store (filled with mostly tea-leaf dust) and towards fresh looseleaf tea, found at my local health food store.

The tea there was decent, if not sometimes a little bitter. But my main problem was the lack of variety.

So, this year, I searched online, and I found an amazing website that offers a profound variety of looseleaf teas. I made an order and received the package two days later. Each variety was individually packaged in its own zip top. And to my utter joy, they added an extra ounce of tea (Honeybee) for free! I’ve been tasting these different teas since they arrived, and each is better than the next.

Part of my new writing routine includes filling a thermos with hot water so I can make cup after cup while writing, without having to leave the room.

If you enjoy tea and would like to check out the website, I highly recommend it:

The Simple Leaf

Have a great weekend.

Good writing.

Good drinking.

Good living.

7 thoughts on “The Weekend Grind and Tea”

  1. I grew up drinking the iced sweet tea, but lately, I don’t drink much of it anymore. Thought about making the switch to hot though.

  2. Andrea:
    Yeah, it’s nice as a change of pace. I like to try and ween myself off coffee now and then.

    I tend to like green tea the best too, though this last order was mostly black assam, and darjeeling teas. I only had my first oolong a few days ago. It’s called Honeybee, and I liked it a lot. I might order some more of that too.

  3. I tend to drink gallons of coffee every day, but I have a cup of ginseng tea every morning and, on my busy weeks, when I average 3 hours sleep a night, I think it is the ginseng tea that keeps me going.

    Just before bed I drink some camomile tea. I also have about a dozen different teas in the cupboard that I use for different reasons.

  4. Wow, Steve, you have some major caffeine consumption. I drink a lot too, and I tend to do the tea in morning and evening like you do.

  5. Teas great. The fresh loose tea really is the best, the key is to find reasonably priced, but still good quality stuff I guess. Still havent done that myself, as I haven’t experimented around enough.

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