Time For a Freebie

First, I want to thank everyone who has purchased my new ebook, tweeted about it, “liked” my book page, and shouted from the rooftops for me.  You’re all amazing, and I loves ya to death!  To say I’m in uncharted territory (for me) is an understatement.  I don’t have the first clue how to market a book.  The only writing I have ever had to actually publicize was my chapbook, Uprooted, and that ripped me to bits.  There’s always that lurking feeling that I’m going to become a mouthpiece for this book, and spam all of my good friends to death with promotional hogwash. (I promise I won’t.)

That’s why today, instead of asking you to buy my book, I’m giving away this nifty desktop wallpaper that Rebecca Treadway created from her cover design of the book.  Happy Groundhog Day!

(Click on the picture to get the full size, and then set as background, or save to your computer).

10 thoughts on “Time For a Freebie”

  1. It’s a delicate balance having to be the mouthpiece for your book and being somewhat of an introvert (which I think all writers are to some extent).

    Here’s to Moon Hill selling like the hounds of hell were on it’s heels. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Indigo writes the BEST comments, doesn’t she?
    Your cover design, by the way, is top notch. Rebecca Treadway is very talented. And thanks for the freebie!

    We’ll let you know if you’re getting all spammy but, really, if you don’t promote your book, who will? And unless you get on some big talk show (too bad Oprah’s retired), ya gotta strut your stuff.

  3. It really is a beautiful cover. I’ve moved this very, very far up my massive to-read pile, because frankly I don’t think I can wait that long.

    1. 🙂 I hope it’s worthy of the jump. I also have Scripped very high on my list. I think the next few books I’m reading is yours, Cate’s, one of Aaron’s I believe. So much goodness!

  4. I’m stoked to snatch up this freebie. I thought the cover design was awesome. It reminds me of all the colourful, creepy goodness of Halloween.

  5. Gorgeous cover, intriguing blurb, fun author’s bio. This is one that would (and does) capture my attention, whether it’s written by a friend or not. Yay! Here’s at least one copy sold! 😀

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