Welcome to Moon Hill

I am proud to announce that my first ever short story collection, Welcome to Moon Hill, if officially available for purchase* on the Amazon store!

Welcome to Moon Hill: A collection of 19 stories, and a few surprises.

Moon Hill is a forgotten place that few purposely visit, and even less leave. Once you arrive, the deep dark of the forest creeps into your mind and will not relent. Strange flowers that grow from deer carcasses, murderous lunatics, boxes with mysterious contents, talking ravens, wriggling parasites that induce eruptive confessions, and demons of every variety: they all live here too.

Even so, the residents of Moon Hill can feel, beyond the fear and distress, that this land is special and they are lucky to live here. Most everyone feels that way right up until the day they come a little too close to the magic of this place. When dusk’s light leaks through their carefully locked doors and rips holes in their minds.

Then, they pray for release.

—Welcome to Moon Hill.


Stay tuned, because over the course of the next week or two I am going on a blog tour AND hosting a giveaway (of course)!  Details are coming soon.


*The collection is available for purchase, but if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get it for free through their new lending library.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Moon Hill”

    1. Thank you all so much! This has been a crazy experience so far, and still so much to do. 🙂

      Gef, email incoming.
      Troy, be sure to read the acknowledgments page. 😉 And thank you for the amazon review!
      Cathy, E, Laurita, I truly hope you all enjoy.

  1. Wicked! Now about that tattoo? Yep I’m in your brother’s court on this one. Two books under your belt, you’re overdue…(Hugs)Indy

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