The Big Winnah!

Please help me congratulate Emily Anderson, the winner of the SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD Giveaway!  We had a huge turnout and collected a total of 480 entries.  This most definitely marks the best turnout I’ve ever had for a contest.  Thank you all so much for playing along.  But if you didn’t win, don’t despair.  Very soon (in a week or two), I will announce yet another giveaway.  Oh yes.

In the meantime, please consider picking up a hardcover or paperback copy of my debut novel.  Roy from Bad Moon Books mentioned that both editions are now at the printer, so they should be shipping soon!

While you’re waiting for Soundtrack to arrive, perhaps you’re reading my short story collection, Welcome to Moon Hill?  If so, would you care for a free kindlegraph?  (It is an electronic autograph).  Hell, you don’t even have to own a copy to get one.  Hit the link to request yours now.

8 thoughts on “The Big Winnah!”

  1. Wow. That was weird. Or maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee. Or too much. Anyway, it may or may not have worked.

    Congrats to Emily!

        1. Ha! Nice. Yeah, that kindlegraph thing doesn’t seem very popular (no one has requested one yet except you!). It must require some kind of annoying sign up or something.

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