Arcane Anthology Now Available

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this late-breaking news:

The Arcane Anthology is now available!  You can purchase a copy either in print or ebook format, and within the cover of this long-awaited beauty, you’ll find my short story “Destination Unknown.”  If that’s not enough awesome for ya, you should note that I’m sharing pages with too many great authors to mention…though I will mention Milo James Fowler and Damien Walters Grintalis because I’m psyched out of my skull to be in the same anthology as them.  Hey!  No one said “riding coattails!”

I hope you enjoy the anthology.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing:

The Holiday Hop Post, where you can win my holiday mystery bag, and a Kindle Fire.

12 thoughts on “Arcane Anthology Now Available”

  1. Seeing as I had the pleasure of reading this piece before anyone else…I already know what a great story it is. In any event I have a Nook copy now. Doing my part to support all my writerly friends. What you thought you were the only one? Love that there are quite a few of you within the pages of one anthology. (Hugs) Indy

    P.S. Yes, your still my favorite. *sheesh*

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