Who is the winner, you ask?

That’s a good question.  Really it is.  Especially because the Holiday Hop is now over, as is Christmas, and I’ve promised to send one lucky snowman-licker a prize.  And by the way, you are all extraordinarily nasty individuals, with all your Frosty fetishes.  I’d say about 90% of you, if given the chance, would douse every last snowperson with alcohol and sloppily slurp it up.  For shame.

Although, I must say, I’m glad no one admitted to enjoying lemon flavored snowmen.

Before I announce the winner, I’m very happy to say that I’ve won a couple cool prizes for some short stories I wrote.  If you’d like to see my winning entries, slide on over to A Diamond in the Dark.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The winner of the holiday mystery bag is…ME!

That’s right, suckers.  I’m keeping it.  It’s way too cool for the likes of you anyway.  Besides, I totally forgot what I stuffed inside that pretty little bag, so it’ll be a great surprise for me.

Oh…okay.  Fine!  If you’re all going to threaten my life like that.  Just put away the flamethrowers.  Good.

The real winner is Elizabeth Arroyo!  Congrats, E, you did it!  You ate a flavored snowman and scored a mystery bag.  E. was randomly picked using the random.org number generator (#3).

Thanks to everyone for playing along.  I do hope you’ll surf by on occasion (without the need for bribery).

Merry Christmas!

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