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You may not have noticed, but I’m currently doing a blog tour to promote Soundtrack to the End of the World.  Sure, weeks pass in between each of my guest posts, but that was by design.  In my last blog tour, I realized that my near-daily posting had the opposite effect I desired:  rather than drawing more and more readers in, it scared more and more readers off.

The reason was simple.  I posted too much, too often.  Even my most rabid supporters must have had Tony-overload, and I don’t blame them.

This time around I’m striving to space out guest posts, videos, and giveaways over the course of two months, hoping for better turnout.  But also, hoping that I don’t overload your brain-balls.

We must preserve those precious, sweet brain-sacks for the coming feast.

I’m getting a little off track.  I merely wanted to say, go listen to my audio post on Madison Woods website.  I talk–in buy soothing, mypnotic, voicebook–about music, and how writers use, or don’t use it for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Open Mic Audio Post”

  1. Wow – that’s a VERY hypnotic image. Seriously. I need one of those on the wall at my house so I can see where it goes when I slip off into whatever dimension it is calling me through that thing. Not good to have at work, though…which is where I have to get myself back to right now before I stare at that too long.

    Thanks for guesting at my blog today!

  2. I am both hypnotized and mesmerized… Will there be more Soundtrack copies available via Amazon in the near future? Currently, the listing is “1 available” from the seller Bad Moon Books.

    1. Milo, it’s actually a little misleading the way the Amazon purchase page is set up. I think it *always* says only one available. I’m not entirely sure why Bad Moon set it up this way, but it’s widely available either from the Amazon page or from Bad Moon’s website direct. But yeah, it has always said “1 available” since the first day Bad Moon listed it on Amazon.

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