Rejection #10

5 month rejection from Dark Wisdom. A cool mag I was hoping to break into. The rejection said my piece didn’t quite fit the style of the mag. This was the first submission for the piece, “Retired,” so after some research I’ll send her back out.

6 thoughts on “Rejection #10”

  1. You inspire us all so much, don’t you? Every time I come here, I learn a bit more about tenacity. Keep going, Oni, we are rooting for your stories 🙂

    I have to catch up on so much. Can’t wait to begin with Mr. J.D. McNutterhouse.

  2. Anthony J. Rapino

    You two are great.

    Sury, I hope you like the J.D. stories. I tried to write a humorous take on submission mistakes.

    Jim, Terry cloth is SO my material. Feh to silk.

  3. I’m bummed that you didn’t get in. The rejections sounds like a good one though. Thoughtful, as in they read your piece and may have even liked it.

  4. “Jim, Terry cloth is SO my material. Feh to silk.”


    I always thought it was corduroy–that and plaid pjs. But hey, alot changes when you get ahold of a chewed-up pipe and a wall o’ books.


  5. Anthony J. Rapino

    Wait just a second here…

    Is that Jim B. from Albright? IT sure sounds that way. Hey, if it’s you, send me your e-mail address, I don’t think I have a current one.

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