Who ever said 13 was unlucky?

I seem to have promised to post about my Friday the 13th.

I can’t break a promise, can I?

Things turned out differently than I had planned. My movie marathon and creepy confections had been postponed to the 14th because I was invited to a poker game. It had been a while since my last game, and I figured I could watch movies any time.

The first surprise of the night came when I arrived at the game. My friend’s parents questioned me about my job search. I told them I had interviewed at a local school, but hadn’t heard back yet.

They responded by mentioning that the principal of that school, the one I had interviewed with, was at their house for dinner not two nights before. I found out later that he had called the principal to put in a good word for me.

Remember now. This is Friday the 13th.

So, the game proceeds, and the drinking commences. Both thunder forward through the night like a pack of wolves, and both, the game and the drinking, end at 4 a.m.

We played until the last man was standing. That last man?


I told them, “What kind of horror writer would I be if I couldn’t win a poker game on Friday the 13th.”

My friend, who I had knocked out with an “all in” hand, he responded, “It’s Saturday the 14th.”

7 thoughts on “Who ever said 13 was unlucky?”

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Good for you. That must have been a fun night. I haven’t stayed up that late in years. Well, except for one night but I was cleaning up toddler puke all night long so it wasn’t much fun. At least if it was my own puke it might have meant that I’d had some fun beforehand….

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it was a good time. I don’t get out as much as I used to either. Seems like I always have work to do these days.

  3. I read somwhere that more people die at 4am that at any other time. Apparantly it is also the time when the body is at its lowst ebb.

    Just thought I would share a bit of useless information.

    Good luck with the job hunting.

  4. Steve: Glad I didn’t know that fun-fact before I drove home.

    Yeah, buddy. You’re just pissed you got beat by a drunk guy.

    Next game, I predict I whoop your ass again.

  5. Anita Marie Moscoso

    I used to do more removals mid-afternoon then at any other time of the day.

    Just another weird FYI.

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