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Blog Tour: Day 1

Hey gang, Today is the first official day of the blog tour!  Unlike the kickoff day, today I’ll have a guest post available on Angela Addam’s website.  The post is about plotting and starts like this: My feelings on Plotting are best described thusly: screw that asshole.  Sorry to be so blunt, but we just don’t get along, […]

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Two for One

For your reading pleasure, I have not one, but two guest posts today. The first is entitled Sleight of Hand, and can be found on Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s blog.  Stop by and see if you can spot the illusion in my words. I call the second article “Motivational Headcheese,” and it can be found on

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Create Activity

Hello my lovelies. Today I have a special treat for you in the guise of a guest post entitled Create Activity.  This post is all about creativity, having shotguns stuck in your mouth, and smashing in the teeth of self-doubt.  Oh yes.  It will surely be a bloody battle, but you will rein supreme! It

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I am Psychotic

The Soundtrack to the End of the World kinda-sorta-mini blog tour continues today with my post on Ye Olde Inkwell.  I talk about how writers are a gaggle of lunatics.  And Ramon Noodles. Go forth and be nutty.

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Open Mic Audio Post

You may not have noticed, but I’m currently doing a blog tour to promote Soundtrack to the End of the World.  Sure, weeks pass in between each of my guest posts, but that was by design.  In my last blog tour, I realized that my near-daily posting had the opposite effect I desired:  rather than

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My Melting Brain

Hey gang, I have a guest post over on Red Tash’s super-awesome-blow-your-mind-cool website:  Welcome to the Darkness.  It’s all about how technology changes the way our brains work.  Also, I may or may not have embedded a hidden message, which when read, will activate you all as my minions. Don’t forget, my big giveaway celebrating

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The End

Thank you to everyone who has followed along during the past two weeks of my blog tour.  I’ve had a great time writing guest posts for all the blogs involved; it’s been a blast!  But, alas, I think everyone needs a break from my constant rambling. My last guest post is available on Gef’s site,

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Ghosts in Parentheses

Today’s stop for the Moon Hill blog tour is Barry Napier’s Ghosts in Parentheses.  Stop by for a glimpse of the “Coffee-Fueled Insanity Rocket.”  Thank you, Barry, for letting me visit your site.  As a bit of cross-promotional karmic booster shot, I’d like to mention that Barry’s novel, Everything Theory: Cold Compass, is available in

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