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Celebrating Friday the 13th

Party Planning and Menu While patiently waiting for Halloween, sometimes we’re gifted with an excuse to start early by celebrating a comparable…let’s call it “holiday.” That’s right, friends. This Friday is Friday the 13th, and for the Halloween and horror obsessed, the day is one marked by movie marathons, parties, and themed foods. What follows […]

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Soundtrack to the End of the World

Friday the 13th Vlog

Happy Friday the 13th! I apologize this is being posted so late in the day (it was meant to be a morning greeting).  Be sure to scroll past the video for links to everything mentioned, including the signed signature sheets for SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD!     A Diamond in the Dark

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Happy Friday the 13th

The blood streaming down my arm tells me it’s Friday the 13th again, and time for a quick post before I bleed out. Not to worry, folks. It’s not a mortal wound. Just a little tasty taste for the demons of the day. My cat, Jerry, seems to have picked up the scent. He just

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Happy Friday the 13th!

Now what kind of horror writer would I be if I didn’t acknowledge Friday the 13th? For me, this day has little to do with superstition and bad luck. In fact, I tend to celebrate it like a holiday. While not as prevalent on my calendar as Halloween, I still like to have horror movie

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Week three!  Woo! We are currently a mere four days away from Halloween, and I’ve just realized, I like the lead up to Halloween more than the night itself.  Okay, no, that’s not entirely true.  But I do find myself becoming slightly depressed the closer it comes, because in my warped mind, I don’t see


Harvest Moon Horror Movie Marathon and Halloween Hullabaloo

[UPDATE:  For more Halloween horror movie marathon lists and suggestions, go to my horror movie marathon category and see past posts!] This Halloween season continues to burst at the seams with riches  beyond  count, and as it does, I have attempted to celebrate every given moment of it.  This is especially true when the calendar bestows upon

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Halloween Madness

I woke up this morning with an itchy ear.  I shoved my pinky into the hole and worked it around, trying to relieve the tickling sensation, but it proved just out of reach.  To the bathroom mirror I went, moving my jaw around as if trying to make my ears pop after a long flight. 

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