Reviews of my work

Welcome Spring

Anthony Michael Hall Reviews Our Novel…and More! (Featured image sourced from Kitchn.) I’m not one to bask in the bright light of a sunny spring day and exclaim in wonder, “What a beautiful morning!” Those who know me realize, of course, autumn is more likely to elicit a sigh of contentment from this old, grumpy […]

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Rising From the Deep

It seems I’ve let months pass between posts again. I could lie and say I’ve been hard at work on my second novel (The Shadows of Flies), but that’s not entirely true.  I’ve only been easy at work on my second novel.  There’s still much more to go. But I do have news.  First of

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Reviews and News

Hey, gang. I have a few big updates for you today, many of which have me squealing like a little girl.  Yeah, you heard me. First, I received a brilliant review from Chris Hallock at Chizine.  Here’s just a taste: If you haven’t reached your limit for zombie survival books, Soundtrack to the End of

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I’m Seeing (Five) Stars

I’m absolutely thrilled to have received so many great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for my collection Welcome to Moon Hill.  Every time a new review comes in, the resulting smile threatens to split my head in half.  To sweeten to the pot, a very cool blogger posted about my collection (and my hotness) on

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Reviews of my Work (2010)

I had a significant increase of published works in 2010, and although they were mostly indie or small press publications, some of my stories were actually reviewed.  What follows is a list, complete with links and “snippet” quotes, from these reviews. UPROOTED (Limited Chapbook release, including “Uprooted,” “Retired,” and “Just Once More, Little Sister.”) KV

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